Energy Transmission and Storage

Master's programme: MSc in Energy Building Design, MSc in Energy Systems

Teaching Hours and Credit Allocation:30 Hours, 6 Credits
Course Assessment:Exam & Coursework


The aim of this course is to broaden and expand knowledge of modern energy transmission and storage. More specifically, this course introduces the concept of energy transmission in a variable environment in terms of energy supply and demand. Finally, modern techniques for energy storage (electricity and other forms) are presented.

Learning Outcomes
On completing the course students will:

  • Develop knowledge of the technology behind current electrical, natural gas and hydrogen networks
  • Develop an understanding of energy transmission in variable and congested network
  • Learn to provide power flow control to balance supply and demand
  • Acquire management skills in energy storage and network disturbances


  • Electrical networks
  • Natural gas networks and future hydrogen networks including the technical opportunities, constraints and economics
  • Energy demand and supply variation in electrical networks
  • Electrical energy transmission in a variable environment and congestion management
  • Power flow control. Balancing supply and demand.
  • Natural gas networks
  • Technologies and prospects for hydrogen transmission
  • Energy storage for electrical networks and other forms of energy (gas, electrochemical)
  • Managing energy networks in the face of uncertainty and in distributed generation
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