Environmental Hazard Management

Master's programme: MSc in Energy Building Design, MSc in Energy Systems, MSc in Energy and Finance, MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability

Teaching Hours and Credit Allocation: 30 Hours, 6 Credits
Course Assessment: Exam & Coursework

The course examines a variety of environmental hazards and their risks and potential impacts. In the context of the course, interactions and interrelationships between nature, human agents, social, economic and political factors are examined through theory and case studies. The course examines key terms such as disasters and crises by presenting the similarities and differences between the corresponding phenomena. The course provides an understanding of the management of environmental hazards including preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. The course focuses on disaster risk reduction, disaster resilience, resilience building and the role of the community through community engagement and community resilience building. The course also focuses on technologies and tools used for the management of environmental hazards as well as applications.

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