Financial Markets

Master's programme: MSc in Energy and Finance

Teaching Hours and Credit Allocation:30 Hours, 6 Credits
Course Assessment:Exam & Coursework

Over the last decades, the physiognomy of the energy markets has drastically altered from heavily regulated and quiet to competitive and rapidly expanding markets. Financial markets are a central ingredient for a well-functioning and growing energy sector since there is a clear direct relationship between finance and growth. Effective strategies in the modern energy sector demand thorough understanding of the structure and the functioning of financial markets. This course will provide comprehensive analysis of financial markets and how these may contribute to an expanding energy sector. An indicative set of topics that will be examined includes: The financial system, Risk/return and efficiency in financial markets, Interest Rates and asset prices, structure of interest rates, Primary Markets and the Underwriting of Securities, Secondary Markets, Markets for Common Stocks, Markets for Corporate Senior Instruments, Money markets, Bond capital markets, Exchange rate markets, Financial regulators in financial crises. After the completion of the course students may apply into positions which call for skills related to financial, business and industry analysis, energy trading issues, energy market analyst, Monitor and manage credit exposure in several bank products such as Foreign Exchange, Bonds, Derivatives etc.

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