Industrial Design Project

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This module aims to investigate the basic methodology of new product design and the tools that are available to designers today.

The product design process covers everything that happens from the moment a need for a new product is defined (design brief) to the moment the product is packaged and shipped to the client. The process is clearly defined and investigated in the module. Correspondingly, students develop all the skills and the appropriate techniques for each stage.

The emphasis is put on the process of new idea generation, which is the first and most important stage of product design. Idea generation is the result of the analysis and appropriate synthesis of information concerning a new product. Information resulting from market and product research can provide a general idea of the product in the marketplace. Further analysis of human values, functionality, materials, typologies, user research etc. help to define a new product better, differentiate it from other products, and increase its appeal to the targeted end user or all users.