Market research and analysis

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Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand and deepen market research and the specifics of its approach depending on its purpose and the sector to be applied
  • They will be able to use their knowledge and understanding of the field of investigation in general, and their skills to plan and conduct investigations in cases of unfamiliar environment and to solve, redesign and reorganize any problematic processes that arise with the help of advanced tools and methods
  • To combine knowledge and formulate judgments, even with incomplete or limited data

Also, students will:

  • manage and transform market research problems that are complex, unpredictable and require new approaches
  • undertake the evaluation of the performance of research groups
  • Search, analyze and synthesize data and information using the necessary tools
  • Make decisions and lead research teams
  • Advise management in decision making with feedback from market analysis
General competences:

Students will acquire the skills

  • To search for, synthesize data and information using web tools and other technologies;
  • To conduct a literature review and critique the literature.
  • To define research objectives and carry out research and work in an international environment and in an interdisciplinary field.
  1. The content and value of Market Research
  2. Methods and sources of Bibliographic market research
  3. The value of Secondary data in research
  4. Study of qualitative market research methods
  5. Formulation of Research Assumptions and Methodology of quantitative research
  6. Questionnaire Construction Methods
  7. Reliability and validity of measures
  8. Sampling Methods
  9. Methods of data analysis of a survey using mathematical tools and software
  10. Conducting Quantitative research with a structured questionnaire
  11. Writing a paper
  12. Bibliographic review
  13. Presentation of results, Presentation of work
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