Natural Language Processing and Text Mining

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Learning outcomes:

On completing the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand how natural language processing (NLP) draws upon other areas of computer science and data analysis.
  • Design and build computer systems and software for various tasks of NLP.
  • Understand and implement the most important algorithms and techniques in NLP and text mining.
  • Formulate models and construct computational solutions to text and speech-based processing problems.
General competences:
  • Search for, analysis and synthesis of data and information, with the use of the necessary technology
  • Teamwork
  • Production of free, creative, and inductive thinking

The course introduces fundamental concepts and tools of Machine Learning. The student is exposed to the necessary mathematical/algorithmic background and coding with the Python programming language. The topics covered include:

  • Introduction to natural language processing and its challenges.
  • Syntax and language modeling
  • Information extraction from text
  • Text classification and clustering.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Language models
Full course outline (PDF):