Web Programming

Master's programme(s):
Course code(s):

IC06, MC01

Course type:

Compulsory, Compulsory


1, 1

Learning outcomes:

On completing the course, the student will be able to:

  • Know the basic features, requirements and specifications of web applications.
  • Design efficient user interfaces by selecting appropriate controls on a case-by-case basis and formatting using CSS techniques.
  • Program Web applications at the client (Javascript) and server (PHP) levels.
  • Install and configure Web application serving environments (Apache HTTP Server).
  • Create applications with support for MySQL database systems.
  • Connects applications to other applications, services and interfaces on the World Wide Web.
  • Publishes applications to servers on the World Wide Web.
General competences:
  • Search for, analysis and synthesis of data and information, with the use of the necessary technology
  • Decision Making
  • Teamwork
  • Production of free, creative, and inductive thinking

The course introduces the student to the basic technologies that govern the World Wide Web. It discusses the fundamental and related features and how they are used in communications protocols. It then presents software development techniques for creating applications that conform to these characteristics. The course is structured into two main categories: Client technologies and server technologies. The taught material is organized and taught as follows:

  • Fundamental concepts, models, Communication protocols.
  • Client Technologies: Development of web pages with HTML.
  • Client Technologies: Formatting Web page elements with the CSS standard.
  • Client Technologies: Dynamic programming of Web page elements with Javascript.
  • Server Technologies: HTTP servers, CGI standard, client-server model, basics of HTTP and FTP protocols.
  • Server Technologies: The PHP programming language.
  • Server Technologies: Database Systems. Development of data-driven Web applications with MySQL system support.
Full course outline (PDF):