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Dimitrios Karapiperis

Dimitrios is an academic associate at the School of Science and Technology at IHU. His esearch interests lie mainly in the field of Entity Resolution (Record Linkage) and Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage, where I focus on developing similarity algorithms, data structures, approximation schemes, and scalable (distributed) solutions that rely on various randomization schemes. Prior to joining IHU, Dimitrios was a post-doctoral associate at the Hellenic Open University. Dimitrios received a PhD and an MSc from the Hellenic Open University and from the University of York (UK), respectively. His doctoral thesis was included in the IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin of August 2017.

Academic Scholar
University Degree/ Diploma:
International Hellenic University (ex TEI)– Informatics Department
PhD Degree:
Hellenic Open University
Recent publications:
  1. S. Oikonomopoulos, K. Tzafilkou, D. Karapiperis, V.S. Verykios. "Cryptocurrency Price Prediction using Social Media Sentiment Analysis", IISA, 2022.
  2. K. Tzafilkou, D. Karapiperis, V.S. Verykios, "Empowering Affect-Aware Systems by Monitoring Mouse Speed and Acceleration", ISC2, 2022.
  3. D. Vatsalan, D. Karapiperis, V.S. Verykios, "Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage", CoRR abs/2212.05682, 2022.
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  6. V. Verykios, D. Karapiperis,” Entity Resolution in Dissimilarity Spaces”, PCI, 2021.
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  9. D. Karapiperis, A. Gkoulalas-Divanis, V.S. Verykios,”Summarizing and Linking Electronic Health Records”, DPDB, 2021.
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Research projects:
  • University of York, UK, High Integrity Systems Engineering research group. Development of Java servlets in order to convert VisioXML into GSML, using Java Xerces,
  • University of Macedonia – Research Committee. “Standardization of distance learning systems”,
  • University of Macedonia – Research Committee. “Establishment of a data bank for the fur sector in Kastoria”,
  • University of Macedonia – Research Committee. “A System for organizing the business processes of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace”.
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