ICT Essentials

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Learning outcomes:

The overall goal is not to turn managers into computer specialists but to provide them with the technological background that will allow them to:

  • make informed business decisions based on the utilization of technology
  • effectively interact with the technical staff
General competences:
  • Search for, analysis and synthesis of data and information, with the use of the necessary technology
  • Decision Making
  • Teamwork
  • Production of free, creative, and inductive thinking

This course is intended for students with little or no background in computer technology. It offers a broad coverage of modern technology concepts, outlining the basic principles of computing. ICT Essentials is an introduction to a variety of technologies and their applications, such as:

  • Computer Systems Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Architecture and Information Systems
  • Databases and Storage Systems
  • Computer Networks, the Internet & the World Wide Web
  • Mobile Computing
  • Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • Information and Network Security
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